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first microcement in poland

for spray



Now you are able to reach with the microcement coating where it was previously impossible. The ideal coating is always the same thickness.


Now the time needed for the renovation will be significantly shortened. Where the renovation required two days of work – now only one is enough.

the perfect


Classic microcement

MCS hydro

A system specially developed for rooms exposed to increased water activity.

mcs walls and floors

Developed for public spaces inside and outside, with enhanced abrasiveness.

mcs furniture

Dedicated to modern finishing of furniture surfaces.

the best renovation system

(MCS) MICRO CEMENT SOLUTION called the thin layer system, whose thickness does not exceed 2-3 millimeters. Its main ingredient is cement, but different polymers are also used to obtain the right mix. One of the main advantages of this solution is the fact that it can be successfully used for any type of wall or floor finish.

You can spread the micro-cement layer on tiles, panels, wood, tiles, concrete, and walls made of cardboard panels. It also works perfectly as an additional layer on bathroom fixtures, window sills, kitchen countertops or furniture. Thanks to it, we can get an industrial and austere look, reminiscent of classic concrete, but with the difference that the system proposed by us is dust-free. It is worth remembering that (MCS) MICRO CEMENT SOLUTION can be used not only on walls, floor, furniture or other elements inside the room.

shades of concrete

Examples of concrete shades after pigmentation with black or graphite dye. Individual shades are obtained by appropriate pigment dosage – at the client’s discretion.


There is also the possibility of dyeing concrete with other colors of dyes. To obtain shades, use the procedure as above.

varnish for concrete monovar pu

Monovar PU is a modern, one-component, waterborne (low VOC content) colorless polyurethane varnish with very high scratch and abrasion resistance. Does not contain isocyanates, so it is safe when used, also when spraying. The varnish is very hard, dries quickly (only 2 hours to touch) and has excellent resistance to moisture and UV radiation. It does not turn yellow and does not change the color of the substrate *. It creates an easy-to-clean, easy to clean, aesthetic finish without streaks.

hydrograff HP concrete varnish

Hydrograff HP is a high-strength, two-component, waterborne and non-yellowing polyurethane varnish with a low VOC content. The varnish is characterized by very high mechanical and chemical resistance, surpassing many solvent systems. Provides a colorless finish and perfect floor appearance for a long service life.



Priming the substrate. We use MCS Quartz Kontact.

First layer application. Apply the material evenly, making short and determined movements with a float. Layer thickness from 1 to 1.5 mm.

Intermediate grinding. We use low-speed mechanical grinders for this purpose or make them by hand, We use abrasive papers with gradations from 60 to 80 or diamond pads.

The final layer application.

Final sanding We use low-speed mechanical grinders for this purpose or make them by hand, We use abrasive papers with gradations from 60 to 80 or diamond pads.

Final surface protection.


Chemical basehydraulic binders, aggregates, redispersible polymers
Granulation< 0,2 mm
Layer thickness1 - 1,5 mm
Working propertiesup to 30 minutes from mixing with water
Average grip> 1,0 MPa (after 28 days)
Average consumptionca. 2 kg/ m2 / 1 mm of layer thikness
The substrate and its preparationit must be load-bearing (without loose fragments), clean and degreased. Recommended matting and primed.
Application conditionsambient temperature: 5 - 30oC
Resistance to abrasion in the BCA study (class)AR 0,5


Mixing timemin 3 minutes (until a homogeneous form is obtained)
Mixing devicelow speed mechanical stirrer
Application toolssteel, stainless steel floats
Cleaning toolshot water or mechanically
Time between successive layers5 - 8 hours depending on the ambient temperature and substrate as well as on the layer thickness
Full mortar curingup to 3 days